AFPM Credentialing Process

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Before 2019, successful candidates who do not go through the MOH gazettement process will apply for credentialing via NSR for Family Medicine. In 2019 Malaysian Medical Council has given the mandate for AFPM to undertake this credentialing process for these candidates. After several discussions with MOH (BPKK), this credentialing process is finally ready for commencement in 2020.

What is the AFPM Credentialing Process?

This is a period of gazettement that a candidate who has successfully passed his/her Professional Examination and Training in the field of Family Medicine under the Parallel Pathways (non-MOH candidates) need to undergo before applying for registration as a Specialist in Family Medicine under the National Specialist Registry (NSR).

MOH candidates planning to leave MOH may opt for credentialing with AFPM instead of doing the MOH gazettement. If, however, they change their mind about resigning from MOH after successfully being registered under NSR, they will still need to complete the MOH gazettement as per MOH regulation. 

The duration determined by NSR for private practising general practitioners is ONE (1) full day per week for ONE (1) year. A full day is equivalent to an eight-hour session.

A candidate may choose to do more frequently and finish earlier than the one-year duration. Subject to satisfactory completion and endorsement by AFPM, the candidate may then submit their application to NSR for registration as a Family Medicine Specialist. However, NSR will only vet and approve the application after the duration of one year is completed from the date of commencement of the credentialing process.

As for academic or clinical (service MOs) candidates from Universities, please refer to your own University gazettement committee for the gazettement process. AFPM does not undertake this process.

For holders of MRCGP (UK) and FRACGP (Australia) - those who passed the examination in these respective countries - you will need to apply to AFPM Credentialing Committee and successfully undergo the credentialing process for the duration of 18 months ( 1 full day per week) before you may apply for registration under NSR.

When to apply for the AFPM Credentialing Process?

The candidate may apply to AFPM once he/she has evidence of successful passing of their specialist training and examination, for example, examination result letters. 

[Award certificates will be needed as proof only when the candidate applies to NSR as per NSR requirement, e.g. BOTH MAFP and FRACGP/icFRACGP certificates are required currently for NSR registration]

Please download the application form below (item number 1)

Processing fee for Credentialing Process

The processing fee for credentialing process is RM300.00 (THREE HUNDRED RINGGIT MALAYSIA). This fee is waived for all LIFE MEMBERS of AFPM.

Payment can be made to: Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia: Ambank Account Number 001-201-010181-2

The processing fee is non-refundable.

Payment via Credit Card, Debit Card and Pay Pal.​

  • Fee for Credentialing Process: RM300.00


Proof of payment to be provided with the application form.

Fee for using MOH Facilities (Klinik Kesihatan)

Following the MOH directive, candidates will need to pay the sum of RM2000.00 (TWO THOUSAND RINGGIT MALAYSIA) to use MOH facilities during this credentialing period. Payment will be made in full by cash to the Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah that the Klinik Kesihatan is under jurisdiction of, before posting can commence. [Online payment will be set up in due time by MOH]. There will be no refund for this fee once the credentialing process has commenced.

Under the circumstances that a candidate has already paid in full and then need to transfer his/her credentialing process to another supervisor/Klinik Kesihatan, the candidate will not need to make any further payment. The candidate will need to write to AFPM, and new arrangements will be made.

Extension of Credentialing Process

If a candidate has been reported not meeting the satisfactory level of competency during the credentialing period, the candidate will be required to extend his/her credentialing process by THREE (3) months. For every three months of extension, a candidate will need to pay MOH an additional amount of RM500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED RINGGIT MALAYSIA).

The application for Credentialing

The candidate will need to submit to AFPM the following via registered post:


Check List:

a)    Application form for the credentialing process
b)    Certified true copy of IC
c)    Certified true copy of award certificate(s) if available, or copies of results letters
d)    Certified true copy of Valid Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)

e)    Payment proof of Credentialing Process fee of RM300.00 except for those who are life members of AFPM.

f)     Signed supervisor agreement form

Note: The candidate is responsible for contacting the preferred Supervisor and getting his/her agreement for the credentialing process using the agreement form ( item number 2) below. Please download the latest list of FMS Supervisors below. (item number 3)

Once AFPM has received and processed the application form, the candidate MUST then wait for an official letter from MOH before reporting to the respective PKD and Klinik Kesihatan to start posting.