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About Us

The AFPM is an organization in Malaysia which provides professional development ad continued medical education of the general practitioners. By providing this service of continuing education, the AFPM endeavors to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and is therefore concerned with higher quality of health of the people of Malaysia.

The AFPM promotes the concept of One Family One Doctor for Malaysians to support continuity of care.

The Academy relies heavily on the strength of its senior members to provide leadership over the last 30 years to plan and promote a lifetime of learning both through mentorship programmes and through self learning. All categories of members may enlist into the Professional Development Programme (PDP) which spans over a period of 24 months following which an examination ensues as a test of competency to be eligible become a full Member of the Academy. Successful graduates are invited to undergo further training to be a Teacher or a Mentor of the Academy. They are then eligible to become examiners and ultimately a Censor or a Chief Censor.

The career improvement is self-fulfilling and creates a ladder to give young general practitioners a goal to reach. Simultaneously the self education enhances the practice of medicine to a better future.

Regular programmes are provided for the updating of our teachers, training of mentors and researchers, presentation at international conferences, the hosting of educational workshops which are rated and recognized by academicians internationally. This Academy therefore provides the backbone of quality primary healthcare delivery in Malaysia.

All categories of membership are eligible to benefit from reduced fees for courses, conferences, seminars. Members will also receive our newsletter, journal and enjoy the fellowship of doctors to enhance knowledge and comradeship.

All general practitioners are invited to apply to further your self to a life time of education.

50th Anniversary Edition eBook

Welcome to the commemorative edition of 'A Golden Milestone: Incredible Past, Resplendent Present, Envision Promising Future,' celebrating 50 years of excellence and dedication at the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia. Within these digital pages, we embark on a journey through time, reflecting on our remarkable achievements, honouring our rich history, and envisioning the promising future that lies ahead. Join us as we celebrate this significant milestone and the invaluable contributions of our members, partners, and supporters in advancing family medicine and healthcare in Malaysia. Together, let's embrace the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and compassion as we continue to strive for excellence in patient care and community well-being. Here's to 50 years of excellence and to many more years of meaningful impact ahead!
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