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Foreword by The President


22   President
Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia



Dear members and esteemed colleagues,

It is indeed an honour to be trusted to take over this leadership role from Dr Hjh. Norsiah Hj. Ali who made exemplary contributions to our Academy. I wish to express my gratitude to the members, EXCO, past Presidents and Councils for this opportunity. Menjunjung kasih to our Patron Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir for his unwavering guidance and support.

The Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia (AFPM) was founded in 1973 and has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. We continue to live up to our motto ' Dengan Tatangan Ilmi ' by training our primary care doctors. This motto compliments the notion that a good doctor never stops learning, something we all strive to embody. Despite all the challenges in the past 50 years, we continue to consolidate our training to improve not only the competence of family doctors, but also their compassion and resilience. Our predecessors have established the foundation through their hard work, and we will uphold these values to bring primary care to greater heights.

I must say as primary care doctors, our services start from `Primordial preventions’ up until end-of-life care, and to support for family members during bereavement. As family doctors, we look at the big picture when it comes to caring for the community, from before the womb to beyond the tomb.

Our duties extend beyond merely treating ailments; we are tasked with educating our patients, promoting healthy lifestyles, and advocating for preventive measures that can alleviate the burden on our healthcare system. By fostering strong doctor-patient relationships and establishing continuity of care, we can effectively manage chronic conditions and empower individuals to take charge of their well-being. By not forgetting the need to embrace the evidence based-medicine, we are able to add value to our clinical managements.

In an era where healthcare systems worldwide are grappling with challenges, the role of primary care physicians has become more crucial than ever before. We, as the frontline warriors, are entrusted with the responsibility of providing comprehensive, patient-centred care that forms the bedrock of a robust healthcare ecosystem. Malaysia's healthcare landscape has undergone significant transformations, with an increasing emphasis on preventive care and chronic disease management. As primary care doctors, we play a pivotal role in addressing these evolving needs, serving as the first point of contact for individuals seeking medical attention. I hope by strengthening the primary care, we do not need to build more hospitals to build a healthier nation and bring down the cost of healthcare altogether.

However, we must also acknowledge the challenges faced by general practitioners and family medicine specialists in Malaysia. From the need for better integration with secondary and tertiary care facilities to the recognition of our expertise and value, there is still room for improvement. It is our collective responsibility to advocate for policies and initiatives that strengthen primary care and elevate our profession's standing within the healthcare community. We will work closely with Minister of Health and Malaysian Medical Council to uphold the standard of training to produce compassionate and competent primary care providers.

At the same time, to serve our nation better, I believe all health care providers must work together. These could be achieved through collaboration and more effective communication. This starts with acknowledging every institutions’ and stakeholders’ strengths and limitations, and providing constructive criticism in order to move forward with a common goal and respected values. The AFPM will continue working together with public and private universities in our training and research front. Strengthening our collaboration with other parties in this fraternity like the Family Medicine Association of Malaysia (FMSA), Malaysian Medical Association of Malaysia (MMA), Pertubuhan Doktor Islam Malaysia (PERDIM), Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations of Malaysia (FPMPAM) and similar organisations will elevate the health care coverage and standards for our community.

Together, we have the power to shape the future of healthcare in Malaysia. By embracing innovation, fostering collaborations, and upholding the highest standards of care, we can ensure that primary care remains the cornerstone of a sustainable and equitable healthcare system. 

22nd President

AFPM 2024 - 2025

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