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The Malaysian government has long encouraged the raising of the standard of general practice through various training programs provided by the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia which would eventually lead to a final competency assessment via the Conjoint MAFP/icFRACGP Examination. Successful candidates, having fulfilled all necessary criteria, can then be credentialed, and registered in the National Specialist Register (NSR) as Family Medicine Specialists, along with holders of Masters in Family Medicine.  The Conjoint MAFP/icFRACGP Examination is especially tailored for working GPs in private practice, giving them the flexibility of upgrading themselves without having to leave their own practices.

The main objective of this examination is to enable a valid, reliable, efficient and feasible assessment to a predetermined standard of the competence of the candidate in respect of independent, unsupervised work in general practice/family medicine. Competence is simply the ability to carry out task/s and it is usually defined by the three behavioural attributes of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

Test instruments are available to assess such skills. Conception, design and use of these test instruments in this examination are underpinned by the need and aim to maximise compliance with the criteria of validity, reliability, efficiency, and feasibility alluded to above. The composite of these test instruments constitutes the format of this Conjoint examination.

The Conjoint MAFP/icFRACGP examination consists of the Applied Knowledge Test and the Key Feature Problems for its Part 1 Examination; and the Clinical Competency Examination for its Part 2 Examination.





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Information Guide & Application


Dear Trainees,

Following RACGP recommendation and practice, candidates sitting for the Conjoint MAFP/icFRACGP Part 1 examination in 2026 and there after will need to pass BOTH the AKT and KFP papers in order to successfully pass the Part 1 examination.


Candidates who fail either or both components will need to resit the failed component(s).

Only candidates who have passed both components will be allowed to proceed to the Conjoint MAFP/icFRACGP Part 2 examination.

Candidates will have to pass both Part 1 components within the number of attempts allowed.

Further details on the fees will be announced later.

Thank you.

Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP/icFRACGP Part 2 Examination


Date: 28 & 29 September 2024 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Hospital Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, UPM, Serdang

Please note that the Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP/icFRACGP Part 2 Examination 2024 is OPEN for application.

  1. Application Form: Submit your application form with the required documents for the Part 2 Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP/icFRACGP Examination 2024 by POST before the closing date of 19th June 2024. Kindly download the form here : Application Form

  2. Practice Diary: Download and submit your Practice Diary through the link given below before the closing date at 4.00pm on 19th June 2024. Please follow the instructions given on both the web page and in the Practice Diary. Kindly download the Practice Diary here:

Any incomplete Practice Diary or application form received will be rejected, therefore kindly check before you submit to us. Please be informed that all candidates hold their own responsibility to meet the closing dates for entry and exam applications.

Late applications will not be entertained by AFPM. Please contact Ms Mala/Ms Nur Shahimah Abdul Rahman ( & Mr Muhammad Mukhlis Mohm Amin ( Encik Saufi (Practice Diary only) if you need any clarification or assistance.

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