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Enrollment Fee Information

  1. The financial year shall commence on the first (1st) day of January each year and terminate on the thirty-first (31st) day of December of the same year.

  2. The enrollment fee for Associate and Ordinary members, Members and Fellows shall be RM200.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred only) and payable to the Academy with the application form.

  3. An annual subscription of RM200.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred only) will be due and payable each year on the first (1st) of January each year, by an Ordinary member, Associate member, Member and Fellow.

  4. Any member whose subscription shall remain unpaid by the 31st December in the financial year it became due, shall ipso facto be suspended from membership as the case may be. Such suspended member may apply to the Academy Council for reinstatement.

  5. An Honorary Member or Fellow need not pay an entrance fee or annual subscription but shall be entitled to all privileges of the Academy except voting and eligibility to hold office.

  6. An Ordinary member, Member or Fellow who completes the Life membership contribution of RM4,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Four Thousand only) to the Academy, is eligible for election by the council as a Life Member.

  7. An Ordinary member who has attained the age of seventy (70) years old and who has been a member of good standing for a continuous period of ten (10) years shall be eligible for election by the Council as a Life Member without the contribution of any further fees or subscription.    

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