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Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia

Oath of Membership


Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia

I hereby take this oath to freely and solemnly declare my allegiance to the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia.

I promise to offer a compassionate and caring approach for all people not only in sickness, but also in health, the alleviation of pain and suffering, as well as the promotion of health and prevention of diseases.

The health and well-being of my patients is my first and foremost responsibility. I will provide care, advocacy, justice and benevolence to my patients, their families and the society at large, at all times.

I will endeavour to continue the process of learning to provide the most advanced and relevant methods of my patients’ healthcare management and I will continue to enhance the care of my patients through research and suggestions from my colleagues and peers.

I will see collaboration with national and international institutions to bring new knowledge to the disciplines and to share the experiences.


I will also work with my colleagues to uplift the respect and importance of general practice and develop family practice as a distinct discipline to drive a universal healthcare system in Malaysia.

I will strive with all means to protect and promote the vision, mission, aims and objectives of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia.

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