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The AFPM has been at the forefront in the provision of general practice education and training in areas related to the practice needs of its members.




The Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia (“AFPM”) was established as the College of General Practitioners of Malaysia in 1973. It was renamed to its present name after its application for registration was approved by the Registrar of Societies in 1996. The primary aim of the AFPM is academic; that is education, training, assessment, research and publication in the discipline of general practice/family medicine.


The AFPM has been at the forefront in the provision of general practice education and training in areas related to the practice needs of its members. These courses are conducted in collaboration with local and foreign institutions. Courses have been provided in the following areas of study that are cognate to family practice: Dermatology, Practical Orthopaedics for General Practitioners, Cardiovascular Medicine, Ultrasound Course, Teaching in Family Medicine etc. Some of these are short courses while others are longer leading to the award of certificates, diplomas and fellowships.


Medibase Sdn. Bhd. (“Medibase”), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AFPM was formed to assist in providing these courses. AFPM and Medibase recognise the need for training all general practitioners to a level of competence in ‘Good Medical Practice’ to meet the national health care delivery requirements. Thus, it has developed a two (2) year (i.e. four (4) semesters) distance learning programme as a  Graduate Certificate in Family Medicine programme (“GCFM Programme”). This programme is a structured course for all general practitioners designed to raise the level of knowledge and skills and as well as instil relevant attitudes towards continuing professional development.


After successful completion and passing of the GCFM Programme and its final examination, candidates may continue with the Advanced Training in Family Medicine programme (“ATFM Programme”) for another two (2) years, after which he/she may sit for the internationally recognised Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP* Examination, subject to meeting eligibility requirements. The GCFM Programme and the ATFM Programme both have their respective entry criteria as well as examination eligibility criteria, and every candidate would have to comply with them respectively. Please carefully read and understand all the information provided in the AFPM Postgraduate Courses Guidelines and Policy Handbook and refer to information provided separately on these matters in the AFPM website. It is especially important that candidates understand the ‘work experience criteria’ that is recognised as general practice, for the training, exam eligibility purpose, and for the award of the MAFP and/or FRACGP* qualifications (refer to Appendix I of the Handbook or the website article on ‘General Practice or Primary Care Assessment Policy’).


The Ministry of Health has recognised the GCFM Programme qualification and is facilitating the placement of medical officers to community health clinics for this purpose. The MAFP/ FRACGP* qualification is also now recognised as a family medicine specialist qualification registrable with the National Specialist Register following a compulsory period of credentialing. However, it is important for all candidates to note that successful completion of the GCFM Programme and the ATFM Programme or passing the GCFM Examination and Conjoint MAFP/ FRACGP* Examination does not automatically award any candidate with the MAFP or FRACGP* qualifications unless the candidate has met the criteria set by AFPM and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (“RACGP”). Kindly note that the FRACGP* qualification is awarded by the RACGP and not by AFPM. The RACGP has its own criteria, policies, and guidelines for assessing general practice experience, which may differ from AFPM’s requirements.


Interested candidates are advised to read up carefully all information, terms, conditions, rules, policies and guidelines (“Guidelines and Policies”) in the Handbook including but not limited to entry and exam eligibility requirements and general practice assessment policies before submitting an application under the GCFM Programme or ATFM Programme. Processing fees are non-refundable. Any questions or enquiries can be forwarded to the following email:


AFPM reserves the right to amend, vary, add or substitute any Guidelines and Policies set out of this Handbook from time to time. Candidates are advised to refer to the AFPM’s website and the eLMS for any amendments and/or updates made by AFPM and shall adhere to any such updates and/or amendments.


* the FRACGP award will be renamed icFRACGP (International Conjoint FRACGP) for successful candidates from ATFM intake 2019 onwards in accordance to the latest MOU between AFPM and RACGP. The criteria for this award still follows as per FRACGP award.

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