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Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia



The membership of the Academy shall be OPENED to Registered Medical Practitioners who are General Practitioners or Family Medicine Practitioners and are dedicated to the advancement of Family Medicine.

*A Registered Medical Practitioner means a person registered as a Medical Practitioner by Malaysian Medical Council, or a person registered as a Medical Practitioner by the legal authority registering Medical Practitioners in the country of his residence and whose qualification is register able in Malaysia.


  1. Associate Member

  2. Member

  3. Honorary Member

  4. Fellow

  5. Honorary Fellow

Life membership of the Academy shall be OPENED to Ordinary member, Member and Fellow who, in place of paying the Annual subscriptions to the Academy shall have contributed to the Academy an amount determined by the Annual General Meeting, from time to time.

Organizing Medicine


The Council may recommend for election at a General Meeting as Honorary Fellow and Honorary Member of the Academy such person or persons who have rendered outstanding service to medicine or to the health and welfare of the community or the Academy itself. The mode of election shall be prescribed by Regulations made by the Council.


The proposal to elect an Honorary Fellow or an Honorary Member of the Academy shall be made by the Council.


Any proposal for election of Honorary Fellow or an Honorary Member shall be approved by the Council after the name or names have been proposed and seconded by members of the Council at any meeting of Council. All proposals shall be accompanied by supportive documents.


The Resolution to elect Honorary Fellow or Honorary Member shall be an Item of Business at a General Meeting of the Academy.


The election of Honorary Fellow and Honorary Member at a General Meeting may be carried out by acclamation, unless there is an objection supported by a majority of members attending the meeting.


The Rights of a Fellow, Member and Ordinary Member

  1. The rights of a Fellow, Member and Ordinary member shall be, to speak and vote at all general meetings, to hold office, to generally participate in activities of the academy and to wear the academic robe prescribed in accordance with seniority.

  2. The Honorary Fellow, Honorary Member and Associate member may participate in activities of the Academy except the right to vote and to hold office.



Any Associate member, Ordinary member, Member or Fellow whose annual subscription shall fall in arrears for two years, shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Academy:

  1. Any membership may be terminated by a resolution adopted by three-fourths (3/4) of the Council, if his continued membership is likely to bring disrepute to the Academy and/or its members. Before the Council takes action to terminate membership under this clause it shall hold an inquiry at which the depending member shall be given an opportunity to attend and plead his case.​

  2. Any membership shall be terminate when a member is found guilty if infamous conduct in a professional respect by the Medical Council, in the country of residence and his name is erased from the Medical Register of that country or is suspended from practicing in the profession.​

  3. Any member whose membership is terminated under Rule 1 shall, from the date of termination of membership, cease to use the Academic dress, titles, certificates or tokens of distinction awarded by the Academy and this order shall be made known to the above said person by registered letter and these orders and the names of those whose membership have been terminated shall be published in the official publications of the Academy.


Provided three (3) Fellows of the Academy satisfy the Council that the work and conduct of an ex-member has been satisfactory he may after a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of termination of membership apply for reinstatement and the Council may at its discretion reinstate his membership.

Application for admission for the award of Member and Fellow shall be recommended by the Board of Censors, provided such member have paid the subscription to be a member of the Academy.


A person shall be eligible for the Ordinary membership of the Academy if he :

a) Shows evidence of approved general clinical experience of at least four years


b) Has been engaged in General Practice or its equivalent for not less than two years.


General Practice cognate:

  1. Rural Health Centre – Full recognition

  2. Public Health – Full Recognition up to a maximum of 6 months

  3. Outpatient and Casuality Departments – Recognition of ½ the time up to a maximum of 18 months

  4. Specialised Clinical Units – Recognition of ½ the time up to a maximum of 18 months not more than 12 months of which can be earned in any one speciality

  5. Teaching and Research - Recognition of ½ the time up to a maximum of 6 months

  6. University Department of Primary Medical Care / Family Medicine – Full recognition

  7. Healthcare in Armed Forces Medical Corporation - Full recognitio

c) Shows evidence of active participation in continuing medical education in the previous three years.

d) The applicant is a registered medical practitioner.

e) Applies on an approved prescribed application form, proposed and seconded by two members in benefit of the Academy


f) The applicant shall give an undertaking that he will, if elected:

  1. Uphold and promote, to the best of his ability, the Aims and Objects of the Academy.

  2. Observe the provisions of the Constitution of the Academy and such Regulations and Bye-laws of the Academy or its Chapter or Section as may, from time to time, be in force, and

  3. Undertake and continue approved post-graduate study, while remaining in active practice.

g) The applicant shall enclose the enrollment fee with the application.

h) The applicant shall meet the approval of the council.


Any registered medical student in Malaysia who is an undergraduate in any Medical School in Malaysia is eligible to be a Student Associate. No student shall be admitted as associate without the prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor or Dean of the Medical School.


Student Associates shall be only eligible to receive Academy journal and to participate in educational activities.


Application for admission as Student Associate shall be approved by the Board of Censors.


The Council of the Academy may, on the advise of the Board of Censors, give recognition to a member for achievement in Family Medicine and in subjects that are cognate, by the award of Member or Fellow by recognition of his/her competence in Family Medicine.

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