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Memorandum of Understanding Between Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) & Academy Of Family Physicians Of Malaysia (AFPM)


Following the recent accreditation exercise with RACGP, AFPM has just signed a new memorandum of understanding with RACGP on the 11th October 2018 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. AFPM was represented by our President, Dr Harbaksh Singh and RACGP was represented by their new President, Dr Harry Nespolon. 

With this new MOU, both colleges promise to uphold their objectives of maintaining the high standards of primary care training with the vision of improving quality in primary care. The unique symbiotic relationship between the two colleges is based on mutual principles both colleges have in their individual and shared responsibilities to promote general practice careers, high-quality training and sustainable long-term benefits for their respective communities.

AFPM acknowledges RACGP’s efforts on the need to unify their multiple pathways to the FRACGP award. As a result, from 2019 onwards, all new intakes into the ATFM Program with the successful passing of the Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP Examinations will lead to the International Conjoint FRACGP (icFRACGP) award pending the fulfilment of the RACGP awarding criteria. Members with icFRACGP will be able to convert the award to the FRACGP if they fulfil a short period of additional criteria including but not limited to the Aboriginal Torres-Straits Islander Health and Medicolegal modules should they want to practice in Australia.

The status of the combined MAFP and icFRACGP has been discussed at the NSR Specialist Subcommittee Family Medicine meeting recently and it was agreed that the award combination of MAFP and icFRACGP will be recognised as equal to the current MAFP and FRACGP.

A similar MOU was also signed between the Hong Kong College of General Practitioners and RACGP at the GP18 conference in Gold Coast. Other countries that were represented at the GP18 International Meeting were Singapore, Fiji, China and Sri Lanka.

AFPM and RACGPcelebrates their 36th year of collaboration in the Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP Examinations this year. We look forward to strengthening ties between the two colleges.


By Censor-in-Chief
Dr Emma Fazilah Zulkifli



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