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Highlights of some chapters

  • Put not New Wine into Old Bottles (1974)

  • Specialisation in Primary Healthcare: training for the new General Practice in Malaysia (1979)

  • The Future of the Health Services in Malaysia (1980)

  • The Millennial Lecture: Looking Back, Looking Forward (2000)

Edited by: 

  • CL Tong

  • EM Khoo

  • CJ Ng


Dr MK Rajakumar's Book

- 2ND EDITION, 2019 -


“This book, Family Medicine, Healthcare & Society: Essays By Dr M K Rajakumar, contains many articles that were written more than three decades ago. The messages contain therein are almost timeless and are still highly relevant today. There are many a useful lessons, not just for the family physicians, but for health professionals in general and for all right thinking individuals who wish to improve the world we live in.”

--- Tan Sri Ismail Merican, Director General of Health, Malaysia
book launch of first edition,14th April 2008

“Dr Rajakumar practiced the principle of thinking globally, acting locally. He practiced in the run-down district of Loke Yew, and remained faithful for many years to this population that did depend on him for medical care. And he fostered international relations for WONCA beyond the direct context of health care – in particular the collaboration with UNICEF, in line with his social conscience and political leadership.”

 --- Chris van Weel, President of WONCA
WONCA News 2009

“Dr Rajakumar guided the establishment of academic departments of family medicine around Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. His vision for developing and seeking recognition for the discipline, based on sound research, was rather radical when it was proposed some 15 years ago.”

 --- William C W Wong, University of Melbourne, Australia
Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 2009

“For Raja, medicine was not a means of gathering wealth but for helping people, especially the down trodden and the disadvantaged groups. He set up his private clinic (known as Klinik Rakyat – People’s Clinic) first in a semi urban area near Klang and later in low-cost flat in Kuala Lumpur. He was dedicated to the poor. His fees were very low, and oftentimes he did not charge anything to those who could not afford to pay for his services and medicines.”

 --- Syed Husin Ali, retired politician
10-year Remembrance of M K Rajakumar
16th December 2018

New Book Cover.JPG
Cover Book Future of Health Services in

Book "Future of Health Services in Malaysia"


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